Professional Security and Events, where ever you are

Project Ultra was started in 2009 by several senior former UKSF consultants and managers wanting to bridge the gap between VIP Events and the security world.

In 2015, Project Ultra Group has come under the management of Renaissance Travel Bureau and operates from Rome, Italy.

With Headquarters now in Rome, and other offices in Dubai and Moscow. Project Ultra Group has soon spread to cover more client demands especially key sporting events. Those events included the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Polo season in Surrey, Dubai and Central Italy.

Project Ultra Group have been consisting inceased manpower, assets and operating areas since its conception in 2008.

The Project Ultra Group has dozens of partnerships with leading hotels, sporting venues, airports, travel agencies, publicists, agent management companies and event organisers.

If you feel your company needs our support and an attractive means of professional security services, then just give us a call.

We now cover the following areas with ease:

Brazil, England, Dubai, Monaco, Italy, France, Russia, Seychelles, Cape Town, Armenia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Sardinia, and USA.

Membership and Associations

The purpose of the International Defence and Security Consultants Association, (IDSCA) is to establish and maintain the highest possible standards in the Security Consulting and Defence Profession.For that purpose, the Association will provide opportunities for the professional enhancement of the members and will promote greater awareness of the objective standards of its membership.


Special Air Service Regimental Association. The SAS Regimental Association is the only official organisation that represents the Special Air Service Regiment and its affiliated Units and incorporates its Benevolent Fund. Click here